Cycle Hire

Cycle around Cape Verde

To cycle Cape Verde is a good way to get around the islands, but there are few places to rent them; so determined holidaymakers looking to cycle Cape Verde should think about bringing your own. although in the last year a few places are getting established.

Sal has a number of off-road tracks, and a dual carriageway with very little traffic in it which runs down the middle of the island. Several keen cyclists train on this road.

In February 2008, there were special triathlon training sessions being run in Sal, which included cycling. The Belgian over 60 cycling champion trains on Sal throughout the year.

While Cape Verde’s wealth of stunning settings could well be explored by bike, the terrain is largely unforgiving and is perhaps best saved for another holiday. Mountain bikes can be hired in Mindelo, Sao Vicente and can be taken on the ferry to the island of Santo Antao as well as the marvellous Fogo island, renowned for its volcano and awe-inspiring sights and biking paths.

The ferry docks in the town of Porto Novo. You can hire both leisure cycles and mountain bikes in Sal and Boavista.

you have a few options for cycles from fat wheeled electric assisted cycles to mountain bikes all can be hired by the day or week or even take a tour with an experienced guide who will show you around the area and all the sites along the way