The island of Maio

Maio is a very secluded island situated south of Boa Vista. The beaches are breath taking and all around the island limestone valleys can be seen with an abundance of coconut palms; travel North and you can see the salt mines. It has the largest woodland area of the Cape Verde islands and travellers, usually with work that takes all their time at home, love Maio with its sleepy feel.
Bird watchers can spot coursers, ospreys, swallows and waders here, with the highest point of the island being Monte Batalha at 294 metres above sea level. There are beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches spanning kilometres, with swimming popular in the south of the island.
The capital, Vila do Maio, situated in the south of the island, provides an ideal meeting point for the locals with the Church and small market for groceries. There are quaint, colourful houses in the town of Calheta to give you a wonderful feel of the vibrant life of the island. Morrow, another small town, is situated to the west of the island within a large coconut palm grove.
Turtles can be seen during the summer here. As with the nesting turtles on the other islands, it is important that you observe the conservation policies of the island, to enjoy them returning for years to come. Turtles instinctively head for the natural light when taking their first journey to the sea. This used to be the moonlight but now with more tourism, lights from hotels and street lighting can be very confusing for them so be aware of your surroundings and actions!


















































Access to the island is fairly limited, with very few scheduled crossings, but we are sure you will find it is worth the effort if you decide Maio is for you.