Sal Restaurants

Restaurants on Sal


Many sal restaurants are Fast with tasty food but Criolo is good in the centre of Santa Maria if you are in a hurry. In a simple setting this place is a favorite with the taxi drivers and other town workers. You cannot go wrong with the fresh produce cooked, the turnover is extremely high due to the popularity. The owner also owns the bar/restaurant situated in Ponta Preta which we also highly recommend.

Odjo De Agua

Odjo’D Agua

Stunning location as close to the sea as possible. The Odjo D’Agua is just a short walk from the main town with top class friendly service. Quite expensive compared to other restaurants,  but worth it if you have euros to spare during your stay in Sal. The menu is extensive and the food delicious with an impressive wine list. Here you can find the local wines, (such as Fogo wine), amongst other well known names.

Palm Beach

If you can picture your favorite pasta and pizza bar in your home town on the beach, you are on the right track.  With an Italian Chef the food is great value for money and delicious. Dont expect top class service,  just go there to enjoy the fantastic view with a cold beer and great food and just go with the flow. A few pictures online do not do the place justice, catch your meal during sunset and you will impressed.

Morrabezza Beach club

Morabeza-Beach Club

There are few restaurants in Sal that measure up to the one located on the beachfront at the Morabeza Hotel. It is open to anyone who enjoys great food with a magnificent view and the mixture of nationalities taking advantage can outnumber the items on the menu. You are able to enjoy the dishes you would find at home, prime steak and chicken for example, or you can go for more of the local dishes such as Capaccio,  (raw meat or fish peppered and marinated to perfection.) A must for your holiday, be brave and indulge, the local food here is amazing.

Cultural Cafe, Santa Maria, Cape Verde

Cafe Cultural

is located in the old Square in Santa Maria serving many traditional cape Verdean dishes, with a great atmosphere as there is very often musical entertainment playing in the Square.

Angelas, Santa Maria


A great traditional  home cooked food with a great cape verdean atmosphere it is well known locally as it very popular with the locals, one of the more traditional Cape Verdean restaurants


located on the seafront this is a great central place to dine serving fresh seafood caught that day fresh from the pier. enjoy your meal while the sun is  setting in the sky and the lights of Santa Maria  begin to glisten in the warm night sky.