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Places for food and drink on Sal


You will find a selection of restaurants in  towns offering local Creole and Portugese food and drink as well as some international cuisine and many will have live Cape Verdean music at least once a week. There are numerous bars and restaurants in resort areas such as Santa Maria  and Mindelo  and the music at weekends, can last long into the night.The smaller or quieter islands including Boa Vista do not have such a wide selection of dishes and the limited menu may well be what they have prepared on the day.

We try to advice people to eat as the more local places where a full main meal will cost around 3 euros to 8 euros. 

Cape Verdean Dishes to try: Cachupa Rica - Cape Verde's national dish, a stew made with fish, meat and vegetables. Buzio - A tasty traditional slow-cooked stew made with shellfish (usually mussells) and soya sauce.

There are more restaurants on the more populated islands, such as Santiago, Sao Vicente and the tourist island of Sal. There are local restaurants and bars on all islands serving traditional food and drink. Why not try the local meals such as cachupa or the locally produced alcoholic drinks of grogue or ponch, but be careful, the drinks can be quite strong!

Fresh fish is caught daily by local fishermen and by small boats trawling for fish, so there is usually plenty of fish served in the restaurants.

Things like prawns maybe imported by air cargo from the Canaries or Brazil along with fresh fruit and vegetables. Container ships also transport food and drink from Europe and West Africa and Brazil.

There is some fresh produce grown on some of the islands and then transported and sold on other islands.


Caipiroska: is made with vodka, sugar, ice and lime.

Caipirinhia : made with grogue, sugar, ice and lime.

We have listed many but we will get round to listing all of them in the future. If you are not listed please get in touch.  

We try to recommend eating at the local places, The food is just as good as the mainstream places but at a fraction of the price

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