Project Biodiversity Turtle Sanctuary

The turtle tours are highlighted as one of the best trips and most important to the preservation of turtles on the Cape Verde islands, you can take part in a guided walk along the shoreline to see the Turtles laying their eggs by the light of the moon. From around July to October the Turtles, sometime seventy years old, return to the area where they hatched themselves many years ago.
Turtles traditionally were killed by the natives before tourism as a food source and their shells as a souvenir to sell to make money but now that has all halted as such groups as project biodiversity has educated the natives that tourism works in a different way and it is bad to do such things and now tourism has made imported food much cheaper and affordable food sources.
Hatchlings have the best chance of survival thanks to the various charities that operate in Sal during the season, if you would like to get involved you will get the chance to support the workers in helping them tag the turtles or move the eggs out of harm’s way. A much loved excursion taking in the beauty of the white sandy beaches to support a worthwhile cause or simply volunteer for the project to help protect the turtles when they come on land to lay their eggs recording information on the turtles before they return to the sea, once they have returned to the sea the eggs are carefully removed in very strategic way and moved to a secure safe place re buried and left to hatch where you can then visit every evening October to December where you can find out more about these amazing creatures and even sponsor a baby turtle to aid the cause to save them
Please get in touch to book your place or to sponsor a turtle to help keep the great work of Project Biodiversity running.

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