Diving the Atlantic Ocean around Sal island

Diving in Sal means discovering a pleasing mix of Marine life you would expect to find in both the Mediterranean and the Carribean.

Dive the overhangs, situated in the South East of the island, the brightly coloured soft corals make a perfect hiding place for shoals of Surgeon fish and the chance to see some bigger passive sealife, such as nursing sharks or even Manta rays.

Rays can be seen in the shadow of some of the ship wrecks scattered around the shallows giving the chance for novices, snorkelers, or more advance divers to get in on the action.

It is possible to Dive from the shore or to use boats for all your diving needs in Sal. Please get in touch for details, we have extensive experience in this fantastic sport and can arrange a first class experience.

Santa Maria hosts a few diving schools list ed are just 3 of the recommended ones.

Scuba team

based next to the pier in Santa Maria scuba team is one of the oldest and most experienced dive school and equiptment hire places on the isle of Sal

they are open daily except sundays for all your diving requirements even tuition and try dives,with many dive sites around the island for experienced divers.


+238 9911811

Dive Shop

located behind sal beach club offers many different dives plus equipment hire and snorkeling gear.



Santa Maria Dive Center

The dive center shop is located behind the sal beach club and next to the white time yacht charter shop a very experienced dive school that taught me to dive many years ago would recommend to anyone for equipment hire or training.


+238 924 0326