Property Services

Meter reading service

Property Services

We will on a regular basis (ie quarterly, monthy or weekly as required) read  water and electric meters.                                                                                                            The benefits from this would be prevention of extortionate usage by guests during their stay and to enable you to keep a check on just how much usage is used in each period. ( we would strongly advise that a limit during a stay is set and that anything above the average should be charged per unit used.) its recommend this is stated in the letting process.


  • helps prevent over usage if customers are charged over a certain amount of units
  • prevents overcharging by management agents.
  • saves management agents time and costs.
  • allows owners to keep track of their properties usage and prevent subletting from agents without the owners knowledge.
  • lets owners access to accurate readings of their properties usage per term of a booking to enable them to keep a full record of usage from customers.
  • gives the owner an opportunity to realistically budget for the cost to guests during a stay at their property.

With all meter readings a time and dated photo will be taken as well as all meter readings recorded on a sheet for your property and readings will be sent to you every time period requested.

Electric meter reading service  15 Euros per reading.

Key holding

We will hold your keys and will only release them to persons specified by yourselves.


  • keys stored in secure location
  • if keys are held by yourselves and you wish to take our property services a 20% reduction will be made osn all property services.

Key holding service  15 Euros per apartment.

Apartment inventories

We are offering the service of dealing with apartment inventory lists to enable owners to see what has been replaced by us and what is needed from us to keep the properties fully stocked with holiday essentials for their guests.

We are willing and able to re-stock any items missing from properties and will keep a full register with receipts for any items purchased.(We would contact you regarding any major purchases beforehand.) These receipts will then be sent in the form of  invoices and  will then be forwarded to the owner for payment. This would be payable by bank transfer to our bank account or via card payment through our internet banking system.

On inventory service being taken a full inventory will be taken and photo's of  specific items as requested a full list of items will be made quality of item for replacement purposes and signed off by yourselves, so that if any item should need replacing it will be replaced with equal value item.

Apartment inventory service   70 Euros per apartament set up fee then 20 Euros per check plus additional replacement fees.