Weather on the islands of Cape Verde Cabo Verde


The weather on the Cape Verde islands varies slightly depending on which island you are on but on the whole temperatures in Cape Verde are between 24c (lowest) and 30c (highest) with the night time temperatures only dropping by a few degrees, although January does show the temperatures sometimes dropping to as low as 8c.
Rainfall on the islands is very limited, usually falling between June and the beginning of November for only 1 to 4 days throughout any month so the weather does vary slightly, September being the height of the rainy season giving a maximum average rainfall of 7 days out of the 30. When it does rain in Cape Verde it is normally flash downpours rather than showers, sometimes giving their whole months rainfall in one storm!
The north east tradewind from the Sahara brings much of the weather and climate and strong winds blow especially between December to April. This does however make a number of the islands great resorts for wind and kite surfing. The strong tides provide great waves for riding but do be aware that this also means some beaches can have quite a strong current at their shores so make sure you are careful when paddling or swimming in the seas.
Due to the different influences from the hot Sahara winds to the cool Canary current each island has almost its own micro climate with some of the islands resembling rainforests with lush, green vegetation and some completely barren, almost desert like in areas. If you had the opportunity do experience more than one island during your visit you will witness the diversity first hand.

Weather for Cape Verde

Below are weather forecasts for the main islands.  The first Island is Sal and the main town is Santa Maria.  The island is fairly flat and so the wind speeds tend to be higher.