Hummer tours

Thrills and spills of the Cape Verde hummer tours.

Discover the highlights of the isle of sal buy hummer tours, the history and the day to day life of Sal and the cape verdeans with this exclusive half day, guided, off-road island tour with several stops. The route starts at Ponta Preta,

  • The most beautiful beach of the island where in February the windsurf championships are held,
  • Murdeira, the natural port of the island, which is also the mating place of the loggerhead turtles form June till October,
  • Monte Leao, a mountain in the shape of a lion,
  • The Fontona oasis, Palmeira, the main port of the island with all its colorful houses,
  • Burracona, with its two natural swimming pools and the blue eye,
  • Terra Boa, where you can see the mirage and stop for a bottled drink,
  • The volcano of Pedra de Lume from the top to make amazing photos, and possible entrance to float in the world’s second most salty water,
  • Shark watching and return to Santa Maria via normal road.

or simply do a shorter tour around Santa Maria beaches and sand dunes.