Sal Bars

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Sal Bars

Tam Tams

Meet the expats in friendly surroundings. Located a few streets back from the beachfront, the menu is European with the odd Cape Verdean Dish thrown in for good measure. Here you will find great drinks in a clean environment. Always sport on the TV when possible or they will be playing music tracks you can tap your feet to well into the night.

Chillout bar, Santa Maria


A bar located in the centre of Santa Maria a short walk from the beachfront. Refurbished, it is good to unwind with a drink watching the world go by. All local beers sold, it starts to get going in the early hours of the morning.

Blue Bar

A tiny bar with a huge atmosphere, especially late at night during the weekends. A mostly local clientele who enjoy music and you will be dancing until your feet hurt. Located close to the beach in the heart of Santa Maria close to the square and the other bars. Cocktails are a speciality, try the local grogue if you dare! Drank neat or more sociably with ice and lime in a delicious cocktail called a Capirinha.

Ocean Cafe, Santa Maria

Oceano azul

One of the biggest bars in Sal, beautiful decorated, in the heart of Santa Maria. Located within easy reach of the sea front, close to the main square. Mainly a hang out for the Italian crowd, everyone is welcome. Another bar with an extensive cocktail list that will take you a few visits to make your way through. The food is good and reasonably priced, think Pizzas, olives and varied delicious bread and you are on the right track.

The kiosk, Santa Maria

The kiosk (Front of Morabeza Hotel)

Blink and you will miss it which would be a crying shame! A family run kiosk on the sea front, close to the Morabeza Hotel, mainly selling cold beer, snacks and Capirinhas. Watch the fishing boats go by, a hang out for the scuba diving crowd in Sal and the occasional expat with a guitar for an impromptu jam.

Beach caravan, Santa Maria

Beach caravan

Yes you have read this right, it really is a caravan on the beach, located metres away from the Pier. Selling mainly bottle beer, grogue and snacks to the fisherman day and night, if you like a slightly quirky environment you will feel at home.

Sal Beach club

Sal Beach Club

Located on the seafront as you would expect from the name, with a cheap and cheerful menu you could find at home. Looking in you can watch all your favorite sport with a cold pint, looking out you will find the windsurfers doing their thing on the turquoise sea. The clientele is mainly a mixture of expats and holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine or taking refuge in the  shade on scorching days.


Josh Angulos Beach bar

As well as enjoying the magnificent view of the bay with a beer, the team at Josh Angulos can meet your needs if you are a Kitesurfer or Windsurfer at any level. Regardless of your sea skills, come here to sample the freshest produce possible in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. You can buy your favorites for the children such as Pizza whilst indulging in the Tuna brought in by the fishermen just a few hours earlier. Located a short walk from the town of Santa Maria, this is as unspoilt a location, with great atmosphere, you are likely to find worldwide.