importing goods

Importing to Cape Verde

importing if you are lucky enough to decide to move to the Cape Verde islands on a more permanent basis than just a holiday the good news is that any 'used' 'personal' items such as furniture and household basics are TAX FREE for importing.
The options if purchasing new items within Cape Verde itself are very limited so this is a much more popular option.
Items can either be shipped by air or sea with sea crossings being cheaper for larger items. (However you must bear in mind that the sea consignments can take between 3-6 weeks to arrive.)
If you need anything in small quantities air freight is the best option as there are weekly consignments.
The basic requirements would be to contact an appropriate agent to sort out the importing shipping and clearance on your behalf.
It is ONLY used items which are permitted tax free and you need to have the required documentation.
Any 'new' items would be taxed as commercial cargo and prices will vary depending on the item so it is definitely worth checking duty beforehand.

Cape Verde Imports +44 208 123 6487 (UK)
+238 993 3843 (CV)