Illness and vaccinations

When flying to Cape Verde vaccinations are recommended so look at your local government website for advice. Please be aware that the situations between different islands in Cape Verde may vary so make your GP aware of the particular island. It may also change depending on airborne disease and illness brought to the area and in cases of drought. Although the Cape Verde Government do not specify the need for any vaccinations it is down to the choice of the individual travelling to the country.

If you are ill when you are in Cape Verde there are a variety of medical services. For example on Sal there are very good local doctors (Clinitur) in Santa Maria as well as 2 others surgeries.From experience I can tell you that it is 70 euros for an initial consultation and 15 euros for a prescription. You then need to pay for each item on your prescription and the prices vary. There is also a pharmacy where you can present your prescription and the staff are very helpful. They are able to give over the counter advice for minor illness and direct you to the doctors if needed. In recent years the number of drugs available in the pharmacy has increased dramatically so there is little need for you to bring paracetamol, ibrupofen, cough medicines etc, just make sure that anything you normally receive as a repeat prescription is brought with you to avoid expense.

Espargos has its own hospital to cater for any injuries or accidents during your stay and work with the same policy as the surgeries. A taxi to the hospital is approximately 16 euros.

Key emergency number to remember are: